From little girl to future fashion designer: A talk with a young scholar


RimaHow did God design children to be? Were they designed to have chestnut eyes and long wavy hair? Or perhaps to have gleaming smiles with pearly white teeth? Children were beautifully and diversely created according to God’s image and He has a specific design for each of them that goes beyond their physical appearance. It is always a wonder to hear children’s thoughts and their desires that reflect how God designed them to be.

I had the chance to have a small chat with one of the GLASS scholars of The Great Lighthouse Foundation, 10-year-old Rima Teologo. She cheerfully agreed to talk about her experience as a student of the Lighthouse Academy (LA) whilst her hands clutched her pink, glittery backpack.

Sitting across me at the Lighthouse Café, she described the kind of learner that she is by stating her favorite subjects, which included most of her major ones such as Math, Language, and Science. But what stood out the most for me was her fondness of learning about the Bible. When asked about her most important learning from LA, she answered without hesitation,

“Ang pinaka-important na learning ko po sa school ay tungkol po sa Bible kasi ito po ang pwede magbago sa atin. It changes lives and nakakatulong rin po ito sa ibang mga bata.”

(The most important learning I got from school came from the Bible because this is what can change us. It changes lives and it can also help other children).

She also acknowledges the people who have become an integral part of her learning journey at LA. She is thankful for her mom who tutors her after school to prepare for lessons in advance. Through her example, we can see God’s design for children to be nurtured as they grow. As it is also God’s purpose for them to be obedient to His Word and to those in authority, she also expressed her gratitude for her teachers whose talents came from God. Her heart overflows with thankfulness as she enjoys her education at LA as a scholar.

As a way to look beyond her future milestone at LA, I asked her about what career she hopes to have when she grows up. Her earnest reply was “Fashion Design”. I was amused as it was evident with the outfit she chose for the day. She is looking forward to using her skills for ministries such as designing outfits and costumes for Lighthouse Theater. It was delightful to hear her sincere willingness as she recognizes God’s enriching grace in her life. As a child, she is already looking beyond using her talents to earn material wealth. It will be wonderful to see how God weaves her into a grateful and enriched individual as she pursues God’s will and design for her life.