A Story of Hope – Rosalie Romano’s Testimony


“Don’t give a man fish but teach him how to fish.”

Rosalie used to be a stay at home mom. She experienced poverty since she couldn’t find a good employment due to her educational background and age. She enrolled in Massage and Cosmetology after learning about the Livelihood and Professional Expertise program of TGLFI right after her child become one of the participants in the Feeding program.

The training program equipped her to have a better job. She shared that their life as a family has improved ever since. Now, she is able to help her husband in their finances by working as a receptionist in a massage & spa center wherein she is earning a higher salary. This endeavor has indeed given Rosalie and her family a better chance in life. Aside from the skills she learned the value of camaraderie by being trained together with other enrollees in the program.