About us


CARE is the arm of The Great Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. that has stood up as a beacon of light and hope to people in dire need of help, as it organizes events catering to people in urban poor communities and challenged areas, as well as those devastated by calamities and personal tragedies.

Handog Kalusugan

We have been conducting bi-annual “Handog Kalusugan” Medical and Dental Missions that provide basic and specialized medical attention (such as Pre-natal, Optical, Dermatology and comprehensive Laboratory / Diagnostic services: ECG, blood chemistry, blood typing, CBC, electrolytes, X-Ray, Urine, among others) to impoverished people from the community. It also extends basic dental needs, e.g. oral prophylaxis and tooth extraction; and additional offerings in Nutrition / Dietary and Speech Pathology consultations.

The “Handog Kalusugan” is done in partnership mainly with the Scientific Biotech Specialties, Inc. (SBSI) and Rotary Club of Midtown Diliman, and other company and hospital partners who extend help by providing additional manpower.

All Lighthouse Emergency Response Team

We are also providing health care assistance to areas outside Metro Manila through the All Lighthouse Emergency Response Team (ALERT).

ALERT is composed of 51 members of the Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church, who are health care providers (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and medical technologists) and who organizes and conducts regular medical and dental outreaches in various communities, in partnership with a local Lighthouse Bible Baptist work in the area.

Blood Letting Program

Blood Letting Program is another project of CARE which is conducted in partnership with the National Kidney Transplant Institute (NKTI). It continues to promote blood donation to ensure adequate, safe, affordable and equitable blood products to help those who are in need of blood transfusion. CARE recognizes the importance of having available blood in times of emergency that could spell the difference between life and death for someone.

Regular blood donation drives are being conducted three (3) times a year.

Quick Stats

lives reached and serviced to from different communities through the medical and dental missions
families helped by provision of basic goods and extension of temporary shelter
recipients received support for medical expenses
cc of blood donated in 2015
worth of grocery items were given to 324 families
worth of funeral assistance extended to 36 families